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Southern Steppin' Seniors 

Beaumont Enterprise - Jan 11 5:26 PM
They generate as many smiles and laughs from their audience from their own smiles and laughs and dance moves that they perform. The Belles and Beaux's, line dancing group in Mid County, is comprised of senior citizens who are known to entertain with their dance steps and moves.
Clip-Ons Are Back. Fondling Allowed. 
New York Times - Jan 10 9:54 PM
Big clip-ons return, and taking them off is an art.

Ethan Foster is member of championship team 
Columbia Daily Herald - Jan 08 10:24 PM
Ethan Foster is one of Columbia Academy’s team in the 2006 Duck River Valley Youth League Division II football champions. Terry Terrell was in concert at Cross Bridges First Baptist church Friday, Dec. 1.

The Post Online 
The Ohio University Post - Jan 08 5:03 AM
On most Tuesdays throughout the regular season, coach Frank Solich could be found at Peden Stadium, leading the Bobcats through a two-hour, full pads practice.

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A southern belle (derived from the French belle, 'beautiful') was an archetype Souther Belles for a young woman of the American South's antebellum upper class. She epitomized southern hospitality, cultivation of beauty and a flirtatious Southren Belles yet chaste demeanor. The stereotype continues to have a Sothern Belles powerful aspirational draw for many people, and books like "The Southern Belle Primer" and "The Southern Belle Handbook" are plentiful. Other current terms in popular culture related to "Southern belles" include "Ya Ya Sisters," "GRITS (Girls Raised In The South)," and "Sweet Potato Queens."

To detractors, the southern belle stereotype is a symbol of repressed, "corsetted" young women nostalgic for a bygone era. In modern usage, the term generally describes a young woman with racist attitudes and behavior.

Use in film

Gone with the Wind is probably the most famous treatment of the southern belle. The character of Blanche DuBois in the play and film A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, is another notable example. (Both the roles were played by Vivien Leigh.) The character Amanda in Williams' The Glass Menagerie considers herself to be a southern belle, yet clearly is not. The movie Steel Magnolias showcases a variety of southern belles from differing social classes. Daisy in The Great Gatsby also epitomises the characteristics of being a southern belle, having been raised in Louisville, Kentucky.

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