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Lake Mead mussels identified as quagga, not zebra 

Las Vegas Sun - Jan 13 7:46 AM
A newly discovered freshwater mussel at Lake Mead has been identified as the quagga mussel - not the zebra mussel, as first suspected - and that is just half of a double dose of bad news.
Honor to whom honor is due: The National Guard 
WorldNetDaily - Jan 12 10:10 PM
A very, very significant birthday came and went on Dec. 13, 2006. Sadly, too few Americans even noticed, or knew about it. The national media paid it scant, if any, attention.

The South Rises in the Northeast 
New York Times - Jan 11 5:18 PM
One of the draws at next week?s Winter Antiques Show will be a loan exhibition of antiques that have never been seen outside of their museum in North Carolina.

New animal welfare group helping reduce stray population 
Hammond Daily Star - Jan 12 10:38 PM
Lynette Varnado of Ponchatoula didn't realize enormity of the stray overpopulation problem in Tangipahoa Parish until it appeared on her doorstep.

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The Southern Colonies were the Province of North Carolina, Province of South Carolina, Province of Georgia, Province of southern colenies Maryland, and Province of Virginia.

Some reasons for colonists to move to the Southern Colonies were gold, soutern colonies resources, and land. But most of all, colonists southern colinies who wanted to reap huge profits started plantations. Their southern colonie economy was supported by plantations, mostly run by Slavery in the United southen colonies States, except for Georgia, where most plantations were run by debtors. Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, also traded with Great Britain, slave ships from Souther Colonies Africa, and the Caribbean. Their cash crops were tobacco, cotton, Southren Colonies indigo, rice, and sugar cane. Colony and Dominion of southern colonies Virginia and Province of Maryland are sometimes considered part of the Southern Colonies. The government was dominated mainly by planters the southern colonies and farmers.

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