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'We all knew he could play'Confidence, comfort the difference for suddenly sizzling Hammond 

The Post and Courier - Jan 13 4:41 AM
For Marcus Hammond, it all began with a pep talk from the coach. After a practice before College of Charleston's Dec. 14 game against Chattanooga, Bobby Cremins pulled his shooting guard aside, told him he was headed back to the starting lineup, and urged him to play through his mistakes.
Comfort and style in Santa Rosa 
The Manila Times - Jan 13 6:16 AM
So you’re a hard-working singleton on the top of your career. Or perhaps you and your spouse are looking for an exclusive neighborhood in which to bring up your children. Whatever your situation, a residence in the stylish community of Valenza is a worthwhile investment for you.

The Daily American wants to hear from you! What's on your mind southern Illinois? (new slate Dec. 26) 
Daily American - Jan 12 11:06 PM
The rules of the Blog are simple: Use a nickname logging on. We can't allow real names because it could be someone falsely using that name to embarrass that person. Don't write a book. Keep your comments at reasonable length. No profanity, racism or personal attacks.

The tax lowdown 
Boston Globe - Jan 11 6:21 AM
Although it may seem like cold comfort for area taxpayers, property taxes in Boston's southern suburbs will increase next year at a slower rate than in the rest of the state.

- Southren Comfort

Here is an article on Southern Comfort.

This article is about the liqueur. For the 1981 movie, see Southern Comfort (film); for the 2001 documentary, see Southern Comfort Souther Comfort (2001 film).
A 1 litre bottle of Southern Comfort.

Southern Comfort is a Southren Comfort fruit, spice, and whiskey flavored liqueur produced Sothern Comfort since 1874. It was founded by bartender M.W. Heron at McCauley’s tavern just off Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1889, patented his famous creation, and began selling it in sealed bottles with the slogan "None Genuine But Mine" and "Two per customer. No Gentleman would ask for more." Southern Comfort won the gold medal at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.

Southern Comfort is available as 100 proof, 70 proof, or 76 proof. It is often erroneously thought to be bourbon whiskey based—it is actually neutral grain spirits based [1]. Southern Comfort Reserve, however, is a blend of Southern Comfort and 6 year old Bourbon and is 40 percent alcohol.


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In cocktails

Southern Comfort is used in the creation of many popular cocktails, including "SoCo Lime", "Alabama Slammer", "Red Death", "A Piece of Ass", "Red Devil", "Greek Sex on the Beach", "Crash & Burn", "57 Chevy", "Sloe comfortable Screw", "Scarlett O'Hara", "Southern Cola" and "SoCo Manhattan".

In an advertising campaign, the company suggests mixing it with lime juice to make a SoCo Lime.

A new, trendycitation needed] Southern Comfort drink is the "Vince Vaughn," a mix of Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew Code Red. This drink is becoming popular on college campuses and in hipster bars across the United Statescitation needed]. A variation on this theme is the "Bo Bice," a mix of Southern Comfort and Rockstar Energy Drink. "Ultimate Southern", a mix of Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew has become popular with the several subculturescitation needed], including extreme sports fans, NASCAR fans and video & RPG gamers for its potent combination of alcohol, sugar & caffeine. Another very popularcitation needed] drink is a mixture of Southern Comfort and Coke, also known as "SoCoke." A singularly northwest cocktail, the "Boot Rear" is comprised of a single 1oz shot of Southern Comfort poured into a 12oz mug of Thomas Kemper's Root Beer.

Another Drink that has a significant amount of Southern Comfort is originated in the Bay Area of California, it is usually mixed in an empty water bottle. The drink is called "Punani Splash" or "Splash" for short. It is a mixture of Southern Comfort, Blue Hawaiian Boons, and Monster Energy Drink. The creators of the drink are from the group known as BPS (Back Pack Splashers, also known and better known as Bernise Phancy Simms), which coresponds to the use of a waterbottle instead of a regular cup. You know it has been made correctly when the liquid turns into a lime green, right before it gets to dark. The drink is mostly popular with the younger crowd of 21-30's and the Hip-Hop world. It's a drink that brings you energy and a high, perfect for clubbing, recording, or out for a good time.

Very popularcitation needed] in Ireland is the "suddie and red", a mix of Southern Comfort and the uniquely Irish soft drink red lemonade. This is especially popular amongst students and younger generationscitation needed]. Another way to enjoy Southern Comfort is simply with lemonade "on the rocks".

In popular culture

  • Southern Comfort gained popularity for being the drink of choice of singer Janis Joplin, as she often kept a bottle on stage during performances. It continues to have a strong connection with music through sponsorships of the Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and the Southern Comfort Music Experience, a free two-day concert event that occurs throughout the US. The brand has also sponsored New Orleans rock band Cowboy Mouth for the last several years.
  • The Long Island-based rock band Brand New released a song in 2001 called "SoCo Amaretto Lime".
  • "Sweet Southern Comfort" is the title of a song by country singer Buddy Jewell.
  • In the FX network's crime drama The Shield, members of the anti-gang task force known as The Strike Team makes a reference when they after having pulled off a big job say that "it's a good time for some Southern Comfort."
  • In the Philip K. Dick novel A Scanner Darkly, Donna asks Bob Arctor to buy her a bottle of Southern Comfort to share; in the movie version, she asks for tequila.
  • In the Neil Gaiman novel American Gods, the leprechaun Mad Sweeney orders Southern Comfort and Coke several times instead of the Guinness that he was expected to.
  • Kid Rock references Southern Comfort in his single, "Bawitdaba".
  • The Portland-based indie rock band the Gossip released a song on their 2001 album, That's Not What I Heard entitled "Southern Comfort."


  • The plantation depicted on the label of Southern Comfort since the 1930s is Woodland Plantation, an antebellum mansion in West Pointe a la Hache, a small town in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Woodland Plantation, which is registered on the National Register of Historic Places, now operates as a bed and breakfast.
  • Southern Comfort was the sponsor of the first ever series of Big Brother UK.

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  • The Southern Comfort official site (Flash 8 Player required)
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