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Students gain a new perspective on the Civil War 

New Hampshire Union Leader - Jan 12 9:11 PM
High school students showed some Southern hospitality to faculty and classmates yesterday in a lesson of life in the Confederate states during the American Civil War.
‘Mummies & Mosques’: Local pair of bicyclers experience Muslim hospitality in Egyptian desert 
Rapid City Journal - Jan 12 10:48 PM
We are standing under a concrete awning in the Great Western Desert of Egypt. The temperature is 104 degrees in the shade. Out on the road in the sun our Brunton compass reads 119 degrees.

Hospitality Lawyer - The Plays To Make Successful | By Jim Butler, Hotel Lawyer | Author of 
Hospitality Net - Jan 10 3:39 AM
Hospitality Lawyer on international hotel investments. In a number of recent postings on, I have focused on the attractiveness of international hotel investments and some of the big names pouring investment overseas. Some of the hot markets include Mexico, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Spain, Italy, London, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China and India. In Why we’re building hotels in ...

Somalia: Govt. Demands Local Authorities to Handover Weapons - Jan 12 10:11 AM
Somalia's defense minister Bare Aden Shire Hirale who is visiting in the Lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia has Friday met the authorities of the region informing them to hand over their weapons their militia to the government.

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Southern hospitality is a phrase used in American English to describe the idea that residents of the Southeastern United States are particularly Souther Hospitality warm and welcoming to visitors to their homes, or to the South in general. A Southren Hospitality large component of the idea of Southern hospitality Sothern Hospitality is the provision of Southern cuisine to visitors, hence there are a number of cookbooks that promise recipes advancing this purpose.

In 2001, rapper Ludacris recorded a hit song titled Southern Hospitality.

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