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Author signs book about losing husband to leukemia 

Community Press & Recorder - Jan 12 9:01 AM
Annette Januzzi Wick of Loveland will talk about her experiences with her husband's leukemia battle and will sign her new book at 7 p.m. Jan. 23 at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Hyde Park.
Sickened by vandals in Kenilworth 
Kenilworth Weekly News - Jan 10 2:39 AM
As a former resident of Kenilworth and now retired in Southern California, I am sickened by the news I read in your paper of the abandoned puppies and the vandalism, writes Les Sykes of California.

The US-Saudi-Wahabi Nexus ! 
News From Bangladesh - Jan 07 10:31 AM
01/01/07 "Information Clearing House" -- -- When the powerful US Vice-President Dick Cheney made a rare long haul to Riyadh in November , reportedly it was to create against Iran , Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon , a new US led Sunni alliance in the region, composed of the six Gulf Co-operation Council states, pro-US Arab governments in Cairo and Amman and willing NATO allies with covert support ...

Out At Home Depot 
BusinessWeek Online via Yahoo! News - Jan 05 1:05 PM
In the end it came down to the headstrong CEO's refusal to accept even a symbolic reduction in his stock package. Home Depot Inc.'s board of directors wanted their controversial chief executive, Robert L. Nardelli, to amend his whopping compensation deals for recent years. After he pulled down $38.1 million from his last yearly contract, angry investors were promising an ugly fight at the ...

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