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Southern Nevada Braces for Snow in the Desert 

KTVN Reno - Jan 11 6:28 PM
(AP) -- Southern Nevada is bracing for a strong blast of winter -- real winter. Forecasters are predicting freezing temperatures by tomorrow (Friday.) Winds, rain and even snow could be blowing into the valley.
Hard freeze looming over northern Nevada 
KESQ - Jan 12 7:23 PM
UNDATED Temperatures are expected to hover around zero by morning across snowy northern Nevada while forecasters are calling for near-freezing temperatures as far south as the Las Vegas Strip.

Snowy Nevada weather to be followed by hard freeze 
Las Vegas Sun - Jan 12 6:26 PM
Temperatures were expected to hover around zero early Saturday across snowy northern Nevada while forecasters were calling for near-freezing temperatures as far south as the Las Vegas Strip.

Nevada Town Plans Statue to Honor Hughes 
ABC News - Jan 12 12:59 AM
Nevada Town Plans Statue and Museum to Mark Site of Howard Hughes' Secret Wedding 50 Years Ago

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The Community College of Sothern Nevada Southern Nevada (CCSN) is a two-year college in Clark County, Nevada. Originally founded in 1974 as "Clark County Community College", the school took its current name around 1978. It has three main campuses in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. In addition, it has about 47 other locations across 4 counties in Southern Nevada. It is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education.


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Four Year Degrees

CCSN has always been a 2 year Junior College. A previous president of CCSN was fired after trying to get CCSN to be able to offer 4 year degrees. Shortly there after, however, CCSN started offering a Bachelors of Science (BS) Dental Hygiene. As a result, the school now offers 3rd and 4th year general education classes. These are only open to the Dental Hygiene students.

There is also talk of expanding their Nursing and/or Teaching program to Four Year. So far, neither of these have happened.

In 2005 CCSN recieved approval to move forward with the creation of its own Police Force. In 2006 that plan went into action with the begining of the CCSN Public Saftey and Police Services Department.


The current slogan and ad compain for CCSN is "It's You, Only Better".

Across the street from the Charleston campus (the largest campus) is a McDonald's. For several years, CCSN rented the billboard next to McDonald's with an ad that said "If you don't want to end up here (pointing at McDonalds), go here (pointing to the college)".

CCSN Police Department

The Department consists of the Public Safety (Non Sworn) members and it's Police Force (Sworn State of Nevada Category 1 Police Officers)

In 2004 The College moved forward with it's plan to start a police department by hiring a Chief and Deputy Chief of Police. In 2006, CCSN's first three police sergeants were recruited.

CCSN police officers are peace officers with full police powers. CCSN Police are responsible for the safety and well being of all CCSN students, faculty, staff and visitors, as well as enforcing the laws and regulations of the state of Nevada, the many municipalities that the college campuses are located in, as well as the rules and regulations of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

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