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Record review: E-40 shows irrepressible energy 

San Jose Mercury News - Jan 11 4:02 AM
`My Ghetto Report Card' Warner Bros. 1/2 If you want to understand ``hyphy'' -- that riveting, hyperkinetic strand of California hip-hop that squirmed into the mainstream last year -- E-40's album is the best place to start. On it, the veteran rapper spits car talk and slang lessons over colossal kick drums and slithering keyboard lines, two earmarks of the genre's frenetic sound.
JPD detective back at work after serving stint in Iraq 
Jonesboro Sun - Jan 12 10:46 PM
JONESBORO -- Darrell Martin is finding it a little difficult to get back into his old routine. A detective with the Criminal Division of the Jonesboro Police Department, Martin has only been back from service in Iraq for a short time and just a little more than a week back on his regular job.

A pizzicato played on her mother's heartstrings 
Daily News - Jan 12 12:31 PM
BIOGRAPHY: Goolbai Gunasekera has always been, to me, a most entertaining writer. An accomplished speaker, too, I was told, for she did the honours recently at the launch of Yasmine Gooneratne's latest novel and kept her audience all ears.

Home Grown: Give your crape myrtles the kindest cuts 
The Bryan-College Station Eagle - Jan 12 5:43 AM
Because Brazos County is the Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas, the region's gardeners are challenged to take excellent care, including proper pruning, of these shrubs.

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JIT may refer to:

  • Various meanings of Just In Time:
    • Just-in-time compilation - a technique for improving the performance of interpreters in computing.
    • Just In Souther Slang Time (business) - a business inventory Southren Slang strategy.
  • Jabber-ICQ-Transport.
  • Joint Interoperability Tool-a tool used by the Joint Interoperability Test Command JITC Sothern Slang to register systems.

Jit may refer to: J.I.T. Juvenile Delinquent in Training: Southern slang used to describe the "Thug" youth element. This term has origins in the "Youth Correctional System".

  • Jit, a style of Zimbabwean dance music.

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